Welcome to Skinbiologique, the online store for clean European advanced skin care.  Our product lines include Susanne Kaufmann Organic TreatsprO-care sheet masks, and Medicaderm cosmeceuticals.  Susanne Kaufmann Organic Treats is brought to you from the Austrian Alps and is loaded with botanical extracts harvested in the Alpine region, and precious anti oxidants such as Ectoine proven to protect skin cells from sun damage and pollution, Sericin known to enhance collagen content and dramatically improve skin hydration, and Lupin, a plant extract known to stimulate collagen and elastin formation. The formulas of Susanne Kaufmann skin care include biomimetic ingredients that improve the function and health of the skin barrier, and liposomes that assist in the absorption of the precious active ingredients and allow them to perform and correct skin imperfections, the results are visible and long lasting.

The prO-care sheet masks are from Paris, France and are used and sold at the finest clinics across Europe such as the renowned Clinique Elysee Montaigne in Paris. Our prO-care sheet masks are made from a thin transparent and breathable cotton sheet. This thin veil is designed to adhere to the face comfortably making it easy to sleep or relax with the mask on.  The breathable nature of the cotton sheet allows the skin to absorb the ingredients almost entirely. An immediate repulping and firming effect is observed equivalent to a professional cosmetic enhancement.  It is the best treatment after a plane ride as well as after exercise, sun exposure or during the cold dry weather. Both men and women will benefit from these intelligently conceived products that are practical and easy to use while providing instantaneous professional results in the comfort of your own home.

We invite you to try them and hope to include you in our list of loyal customers