The basics of healthy skin

Having good skin takes the same amount of dedication as having a healthy body. It is an attainable goal which anyone can achieve if they understand the basics of a good skin regimen and are willing to apply it.

Before products and topicals, it all starts with healthy habits and the right attitude. Detoxing and replenishing applies to all living tissue, just like the body will absorb good nutrition better if it was not conjested and clogged up with toxins, the same applies to one's skin. A body well cleansed reflects a healthy radiant complexion.  Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water combined with daily exercise is the starting point of a good skin regimen.  Next, and equally as important, is to avoid direct sun exposure particularly between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm, and always wear sunscreen regardless.  We then proceed to what constitutes a good skin regimen, applicable to all skin types and at any age.

A good skin regimen starts with a good cleanser that is gentle, thorough, and does not strip or irritate the skin.  Next is exfoliation.  Exfoliators are anything from good facial scrubs, AHAs, retinoils, to a monthly microdermabrasion or glycolic acid peel, and they are not all created equally.  Each of these exfoliators provides a different level of benefits, and might suit one type of skin or skin condition better than the other.  What matters is that exfoliation is an essential step in a good skin regimen, it is what helps the skin rid itself of dead cells and pollutants, and what prepares the skin to better absorb vitamins, anti oxidants, and other nutrients provided by high quality serums and other topicals.

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