MedicaRejuv, an anti aging serum and why?

A serum's mission is to penetrate the outer layer of the skin in order to replenish and regenerate the skin from within.  It is also required to protect the skin from free radical damage.  A serum that has the ability to repair past damage and rejuvenate existing skin cells will truly turn the clock and earn the definition of a true anti aging product.

MedicaRejuv is one such serum.  It is a concentrated blend of low molecule, highly absorbable skin actives including vitamins, anti oxidants, peptides, and amino acids.  Here is a look at some of the ingredients and their effect on the skin:

Trifolium Pratense or Red Clover:  increases the collagen content, thickness and moisture level of the skin and fight skin aging related to diminishing estrogen levels, this ingredient is rich in isoflavones, vitamin E, calcium, chromium, niacin, and has anti inflammatory as well as anti oxidant properties.

Hexapeptide 10:  has restructuring and firming properties and will visibly improve the appearance of thinning damaged skin.  Hexapeptide 10 is a chain of six amino acids that stimulate cell activity, rebuilds collagen, reduces fine lines and pore size but its main benefit comes from its extraordinary ability to strengthen the epidermal junction and adhesion between the various skin layers,  preventing sagging and firming the look of the skin.  A 50% increase in skin compactness was observed after 60 days of use of products containing hexapeptide 10 as well as a 30 percent increase in cutaneous density.

Boswellia Serrata or frankincense with the bioactive triterpenoids called boswellic acids preserves the skin structure by protecting elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermal matrix.  It also has anti inflammatory properties and promotes scar healing.

Carnosine: is a dipeptide (protein compound) and one of the most effective anti aging options.  It is an anti oxidant that fights free radical damage and opposes glycation, a process which causes the skin to become brittle, dry, and thin. Carnosine increases collagen synthesis and reduces the telomere shortening rate.  

Centella Asiatica: repairs skin damage, enhances collagen synthesis, improves the blood flow to the skin, and encourages positive connective tissue growth (please refer to our previous post on Centella Asiatica)

In addition MedicaRejuv has a high content of Hyaluronic Acid, Tocopherols (vitamin E), L Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), Glucuronic Acid (a carboxylic acid) has detoxifying properties and is a precursor to vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, Lactic acid an Alpha Hydroxy acid, is a powerful anti aging ingredient, it stimulates biosynthesis of glycosamineglycans and is very effective in plumping up the skin.

As serums go, this is probably the best anti aging product on the market, there is no other formula that combines as many beneficiary ingredients as that of MedicaRejuv. It is the one item that most of our clients cannot go without.

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