Skin care during cold weather

After the sun, cold weather is the worst enemy of your skin and contributes greatly to skin aging.  Cold dry weather strips the skin of moisture making it fragile and dehydrated.  Dehydration stresses the skin exposing it to various inflammatory disorders.  Dehydration and inflammation are two main triggers in skin aging.  

Drinking lots of water at room temperature and using a humidifier are necessary and effective practices that ward off some of the damages of cold dry weather, they need however to be complemented with appropriate practices and topical treatments.

To start with, it is important to use very gentle cleansers free of harsh ingredients rinsing the skin, when needed, with water at room temperature.  It is also important to apply the appropriate topical treatments that can infuse the skin with moisture, seal it in, and recreate the balance needed for the skin to find its resiliency and radiance.  The category of products to be sought in this case are low molecular weight serums containing an abundance of hyaluronic acid.

Elixir Cellular Renewal Concentrate by prO-care is a great example of what the skin needs during the cold winter season.  Its primary ingredient being hyaluronic acid, and its secondary ingredient being Urea, another important humectant that helps maintain a healthy moisture balance, the Elixir is an ideal treatment providing the skin with optimal levels of deep penetrating hydration due to its low molecular weight hyaluronic acid as well as ultimate topical hydration through its high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and Urea content.

Another important hydration booster, also from prO-Care, is the Non-Stop Hydration sheet mask, with the recommended once weekly application, it does wonders in quenching the skin's thirst and replenishing it with instant and abundant hydration. 

We are proud to be the exclusive store for both these products in the U.S.

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