Susanne Kaufmann Plant Based Skin Care

Plant based ingredients make their way into the full range of Susanne Kaufmann organic treats in the form of extracts, essences, powders and oils. Each and every single ingredient was specifically selected for its intended effect and combined intelligently with other ingredients that complement each other and work in synergy to deliver the best outcome. Susanne Kaufmann integrates traditional knowledge about the healing and anti aging properties of the ingredients selected with the latest scientific research in her state of the art manufacturing facility in Bregenzerwald.

While plants have been used to heal and care for the skin since millennia, Susanne Kaufmann are produced using the latest developments in science and technology to extract, stabilize and modify the molecular weight of plant ingredients in order to ensure the highest concentration of anti oxidants delivered in a skin identical formula allowing even delivery into the skin as well as its protective layer.

Along with the highly effective anti oxidants and nutrients that form the active ingredients targeting the healing, preventative or reverse aging elements of the formula, natural waxes and butters make up the emulsifying base enhancing the suppleness and hydration of the skin while biotechnological derived natural fragrance free from all allergens or synthetic preservatives are added for aromatic purposes as well as to act as a natural preservative.

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