Susanne Kaufmann Anti Aging Line A

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The Susanne Kaufmann anti aging Line A represents the perfect synergy between nature and technology.  Advanced scientific innovations are combined with natural active ingredients.  They smooth and vitalise the skin with organic ingredients developed over years of research.  Hyaluron from senna leaves provide intensive moisturisation, extracts from moth beans, the natural vitamin A proven as effective for cell regeneration as Retin-A minus the irritation, increases the skin's elasticity and the essence of lupine firms the tissue.  Precious Ectoine known for its cell protective, pro-collagen qualities and ubiquinone (natural CoQ10) aid in cell regeneration, brown algae rejuvenates and prevent free radical damage.  The effects of Line A have been confirmed by dermatological tests.  Significant success and visible results can be enjoyed and observed after only few applications.

The patented formula of the Intense Serum Line A has been officially recognized through comprehensive tests and studies to prevent and reverse skin aging. The following results were demonstrated:

- visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

- Increase in skin regeneration at the cellular level

- Increase in skin elasticity

- Important increase in moisture content and moisture retention

- Protection against free radical damage

- Enhanced collagen production

The highly concentrated formula of the Intense Serum Line A is designed for demanding skin, the plant derived active biomimetic compounds have been scientifically adapted for maximum effectiveness and packaged into an innovative anti aging skin care serum using state of the art technologies.

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