Serums and Creams

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Serums are advanced skin care. They are categorized as cosmeceuticals because of their cumulative and lasting anti aging benefits. Serums are concentrated formulas of low molecule active ingredients (anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides) designed to penetrate and deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. While formulas may differ, the consistency of a serum determines its penetrability, the lighter the consistency the better the penetration. Serums provide the ability to restructure, rebuild, and hydrate the skin from within.

Creams are designed to mainly hydrate and protect the skin structure from the outside. They have large molecules that coat the skin and attract moisture to its topical layer. Their anti aging efficacy is inferior to that of skin serums. Creams containing ceramides help repair the cellular structure of the skin's outer layer and provide an immediate improvement to the texture of the skin, the long term anti aging effects are however minimal compared to those of serums. Essentially most of the active ingredients in creams will end up being washed off during normal daily cleansing while the active ingredients in serums gets absorbed by the skin to restore, heal and rejuvenate the skin matrix.

A good skin regimen starts with proper cleansing and exfoliation to rid the skin from deposited free radicals and dead cells, followed by a high quality serum and completed by a moisturizing cream containing ceramides and anti inflammatory skin repair ingredients.

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