Sheet masks and their benefits

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Sheet masks are thin cotton or cellulose sheets soaked in various types of serums, cut out in the shape of the face with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Sheet masks are a staple in oriental skin care and have become quite popular in Europe and now the U.S. The benefits of sheet masks come from their ability to adhere closely to the contours of the face allowing the serum to stay in contact with the skin long enough so that  the active ingredients of the serum are absorbed. 

The serum cools down the skin by drawing heat away from its inner layers, this allows the serum to penetrate into the skin evenly, reduces pore size, and helps in reducing or preventing pigmentation.  Sheet masks make excellent travel companions, are great after a hot or cold day out, they calm the skin and relax the facial muscles while the product is absorbed without external stresses, the skin becomes smooth, hydrated, radiant and immediately plumped. Demi Moore is a great fan of sheet masks and is said to like sleeping with one on.

When choosing a sheet mask you should first consider the quality and the ingredients of the serum, an aqueous serum with hyaluronic acid as one of its primary ingredients has a higher absorption rate than a heavier or creamy serum.  The weight and material of the sheet also play a role in the effectiveness of the mask.  The lighter and thinner the sheet the easier it is for it to adhere evenly to the skin without air bubbles insuring even distribution and penetration of the active ingredients.  We prefer a sheet made from 100 percent cotton to other materials because it allows the skin to continue breathing while taking in the beneficial ingredients of the serum. Our prO-care line includes two types of sheet masks, a hydration mask containing 22 ml of hyaluronic acid, and a collagen mask.  While our hydration mask is recommended for active people of any age, our collagen mask is mainly designed for mature skin 35 years of age and over.  The proprietary formulas of our sheet masks were developed in one of the top dermatology labs in France and are sold across Europe in quality retail stores and skin centers.







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